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Across Queensland excitement is brewing for the 2032 Olympic Games, with Brisbane as the host city and given the spotlight on a world stage. While it is over a decade away, many are already reminiscing of the success of the last time Australia hosted the Olympics, the 2000 games in Sydney, an event that a few partial enthusiasts call “the best games ever.” Homegrown athletes became heroes, with the country winning 58 medals. However, the everlasting rewards for the city came in the form of an estimated boost of $6-7 billion for the national and local economy, over 100,000 jobs created, and an increase of 1.6 million tourists per year.

Will Brisbane reap the same rewards?  

All signs point to ‘yes.’ Brisbane is poised to not only rival the success of the Sydney games, with a projected $8.1B injected into the economy, but to also surpass comparisons, being that 85% of the venues for the Brisbane Olympics are already built, which will keep tax spending to a minimum. The 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast were a preview that Queensland can showcase the best of Australia in hosting major sporting tournaments, and will again benefit from hosting the Olympics. 

What does this mean for property values?

From 1995-2001 there was also an 88% increase in property value in Sydney. We can attribute a portion of this growth to the Olympics, with improved infrastructure and the ranking of Sydney as a world-class destination. But we cannot forget that this period was also during a very prosperous era across all of Australia, with major tax reform, larger-than-ever government grants and incentives for property buyers, free-flow credit and unprecedented economic development.

That being said, Queensland is already experiencing a boom in property values, thanks in part to historically low interest rates, interstate migration to the state, and government incentives for construction and first home ownership. In the 2020 Financial Year, the Brisbane housing market saw an annual growth of 13.5, the highest increase since 2004.  Over the next 11 years, the region will ride this wave of growth, all the way up to the 2032 games. 

With their eyes on 2032, property investors will be going for gold.

Property projections from PRD Research indicate the median price for Brisbane would reach $1.7 million by 2033 and would be “immensely” boosted on the Gold and Sunshine coasts. 


The Olympics factor – what will the games contribute?

  • Brisbane is sharing the wealth around the state. Events will be held in sporting venues on Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Redland, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim and Ipswich. Football matches are planned for stadiums in Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba, Sydney and Melbourne.  The athletes’ villages will also be scattered around the region as well.  Queenslanders will benefit from increased tourism and infrastructure all around. 
  • Employment opportunities will be abundant. An estimated 130,000 new jobs will be created in the SE Queensland area alone over the next 10 years, many of them in tourism and hospitality, but also in service, transportation, construction, logistics and planning.

APFG is your winning coach for Queensland Property Investment 

Just like athlete preparation, those who put in the time and dedication and early starts are the ones who experience the views from the podiums, relishing in their victories. For Brisbane and Queensland property investing, the same can be said, that those who get in early will reap the highest rewards over the next 11 years, and beyond the Games as well. 

Our Winning Strategy = Ultra-Low Investor Rates  + Cash-flow Positive Properties 

Investor Rates & Financing

  • We are offering the lowest investor rate on the market, 1.5% Investor Owner-Occupier rate, which can save you thousands on your current mortgage, and free up cash for further investment. 
  • Through our partners at Bensons Property Group, we offer an investment fund for their luxury apartment projects, with a guaranteed 8% return.

Cash-flow Positive Properties

  • Luxury apartments in brand new high-rise developments all round the region where the Games will be played and celebrated Olympic (Featured projects: Chevron One, Chevron Island, Gold Coast & Regal Residences at Imperial Square, Southport)
  • House & Land packages, in suburbs around the region that have seen dramatic growth due to Queensland migration
  • Co-Living properties, which are purpose-built homes for the growing segments of single, employed tenants needing residences, and who don’t mind to share a home and still have their own spaces

Talk to our team today, to see how APFG can help you get into the Brisbane and Queensland property markets now, to revel in the excitement of the coming Olympic games. 

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