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Modern design, spacious living for single renters
Reliable cash flow, higher returns for investors

What is Co-living?

Co-living is a modern form of communal living in which residents have a private bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas.

It is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as rental prices for single occupier homes are becoming unaffordable. Tenants are finding affordable options, renting a single room in a co-living property.

Co-living as an investment?

Co-living as an investment?

Letting rooms out individually means:

  • Multiple income streams from one property
  • Significant increase in cash flow when all rooms are occupied
  • Lower vacancy rates. If a tenant leaves, property owners still have other tenants to contribute rent
  • Vacant rooms are filled quickly. Single room renting is in high demand, especially close to medical facilities, business districts, and universities.

Co-living properties

Co-living houses are purpose-built, specifically designed for 3-4 adults to live together, all with equal-size, private ensuite bedrooms. Designed as turn-key properties, houses come equipped with furniture, large kitchens, and shared living, dining and laundry rooms.

Equal-sized ensuite, private bedrooms for all

Shared spaces for communal living:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Living Area

Additional amenities:

fully furnished, modern appliances, solar powered, air-conditioned.

Co-living as an investment?

Co-Living is a Win-Win Scenario

Co-Living is a Win-Win Scenario

Benefits for Tenants

  • Affordable housing options in brand-new modern design homes, with average weekly rents between $300-$350
  • Spacious, private ensuite bedrooms, all equally sized
  • Living with housemates who are generally similar in lifestyle (profession, age, etc)
  • Fully-furnished home and turn-key operation, for fast move in and settling into their new home
  • Fixed weekly rent to cover utilities (electricity, water, wifi, cleaning) and house maintenance for stress-free living

Benefits for Investors

  • Significant increase in weekly income if all of the rooms are full, compared to renting a full unit
  • When one room goes vacant, there is still income from other rooms
  • Vetted, reliable tenants who go through screening process beforehand
  • Professional property management to maintain the property, communicate with tenants and collect timely rent payments
  • Demand is high, particularly near hospitals and city centres and universities

Who are co-living tenants?

Co-living tenants are screened and grouped based on age, interest, professions and personal preferences.




All of the properties are built including everything, down to the details of the door knobs, taps and furniture. Buyers don’t have to worry about furnishings or finishings, as our expert design team perfectly lays out the homes with all modern conveniences for the tenants.
For property management services, our team performs regular maintenance checks of the property to ensure it is kept in mint condition. We also handle the advertising of your property, and the signing of tenants with leases and relevant agreements. We liaise with tenants for maintenance issues as well as collecting timely rent payments. Our team is focused on not only maintaining your property to the highest standards to keep tenants happy, but also to keep owners satisfied through regular communication and favorable returns on their investment.
Our property management team has the task of screening applications and matching tenants with suitable properties, that are within the location they would like to live, and with co-tenants who have similar age requirements, lifestyles and interests. With careful screening and selection of tenants and proper management of the property, tenants are generally very happy, keeping turnover low and vacancy periods minimal.
For single person occupiers, they are well below the average. A young professional searching for a single unit one-bedroom apartment can expect to pay well above $400 per week. Just as an example, rental prices in Brisbane are now more than $450 per week. For anyone who is making less than $50,000 annually, they ended up spending more than half their paychecks on rent. The problem with this current model is two-fold. First, renters struggle to find affordable homes, and owners are not able to find tenants for their investment properties. They either need to decrease their asking rental price, or have long periods of vacancy. Both hurt their bottom line. With co-living properties, each tenant is able to have a private, ensuite bedroom in a brand new, modern home, for a much more affordable rate, closer to $300-$350 per week, depending on the location and property. For the property owner, rather than trying to find a family or tenants for a 3BRM home, he/she can lease each room individually, and collect 3 income streams of $300-$350. Rental rates per tenant are lower than average, but return to the investor is significantly higher.
While it’s not guaranteed, co-living properties have proven to be stable, low-risk, and high return investments. As soon as the property is built, the tenants can move in, and owners can begin to collect rent. Co-living properties generate multiple income streams from individual tenants. Rather than collecting $450 for one property, investors can collect 3-4 weekly rents, generally around $300. Even when there is vacancy for one room, the occupied rooms are still generating income.
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