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At APFG we are constantly endeavoring to offer our clients the most innovative, smart investment strategies for property financing. With that, we are pleased to announce that we now have property partners who are accepting wallet-to-wallet cryptocurrency payments for real estate purchases

“There is no question about it, the real estate market is headed in this direction,” says Matt Sully, APFG CEO. “Our clients who are holding digital currency have been asking for property investments with wallet-to-wallet direct transactions, circumventing the bottlenecks and all the third party fees that come with fiat currency.”

Even though cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream and accepted by major e-commerce and retail sites, the ability to directly convert digital currency into property is still a novel concept, with APFG partners being among the first in the real estate industry. 

Benefits of using cryptocurrency for real estate investment

The benefits of a decentralized system of payment will have profound effects on how real estate is bought and sold, with the ledger tracking and immediate validation of payments eliminating nearly all of the inefficiencies, third parties, and compounding fees that can occur during the purchase. 

The main benefits, which are for both buyers and sellers, of cryptocurrency payments for real estate include:

  • Streamlined process – The purchase is a direct transaction between the buyer’s wallet and the seller’s, with immediate verification of payment. 
  • Cost-saving – The process is fast and efficient, without the compounding effects and fees for currency conversions, price fluctuations, processing, or bank transfer fees. 
  • Fraud prevention – Other high-value asset industries have adopted blockchain technology for security and fraud prevention. Each transaction is saved in the digital ledger, and for real estate, this would include the prevention of fraud for deed transfers, payments, escrows, finance contracts, and appraisals. 
  • Transparency and trust – With the digital ledger, each transaction is assigned a digital ID that is transparent, accessible, and verifiable to the buyer and seller. 

“With the boom in crypto over the last few years, we have a lot of clients who have done very well, and are looking to diversify their portfolio and also take advantage of this incredible property market,” says Sully. “We are thrilled to be able to make this happen for them with a process that is easy, direct, and most importantly, compliant with all tax and local laws.”

APFG Cryptocurrency investment opportunities

Two of the APFG property partners who are currently accepting direct crypto payments are our international projects, offered through GPFG. 

Talk to an APFG international property manager today to find out more about our process or any questions that you may have regarding our cryptocurrency for property investment transactions.

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