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We now offer a solution to our cryptocurrency holding clients to directly convert their digital assets into tangible, property assets.

APFG is proud of our commitment to present our clients with the most innovative, viable investment strategies available. As cryptocurrency becomes more popular among investors, traders and enthusiasts, with more businesses and countries accepting the transactions, we responded to the call, and now have a finance facility partner that accepts digital assets for payments for real estate investments.

With our process, there is no need for the holder to convert their crypto currency into fiat currency prior to purchase. This eliminates the burdens of overseas transactions, currency conversions, and multiple bank or third party fees.


The push for decentralised systems of payment is a result of buyers and sellers wanting direct transactions, without interference of third parties. For real estate and investment, the use of blockchain technology has a few clear advantages, which is why many of our clients are favoring digital currency as a form of payment.

Streamlined Process

With blockchain, all transactions are direct from buyer to seller, eliminating the bottlenecks often caused by cumbersome paperwork, third party approvals and intermediaries.

Cost Saving

The direct transferring of assets bypasses the added purchasing costs for currency conversions, price fluctuations, processing or bank transfer fees.

Fraud Prevention

Each transaction in blockchain is entered into the digital ledger, and creates a secure, instantly-verifiable receipt of funds. Blockchain is becoming popular in industries with high-value assets for the security and prevention of fraud for deed transfers, payments, escrows, finance contracts and appraisals.

Transparency and Trust

Not only is the entire process more efficient and cost saving, but buyer and seller can instantly verify value, receipts and contracts. The digital IDs for all transactions, assets and deeds are transparent and accessible to all parties on the blockchain.


With the emergence of blockchain, real estate investment is now greatly more accessible.

Rather than buying an entire asset or property, investors can now own a portion of a property, or token, through fraction ownership. Digital tokens for real estate property can be bought and sold, much like shares on a stock market.

This will open the property ladder to new buyers and investors who up until now, may have not had the means to acquire real estate or investment properties.





No, as a real estate industry first, we are accepting digital currency as a form of payment that can be converted directly into a tangible asset, without the buyer converting into fiat currency. Buyers and investors will simply use the digital exchange and select their chosen currency, and complete the transfer directly. Once the payment is verified, the lease or deed is issued.
Accepted currencies for each property depends on the developers’ preferences, but most commonly accepted are USDT, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additional currencies will be reviewed on a case-by-case scenario.
Yes, we have gone to great lengths with our partners to adhere to all tax requirements and property ownership laws for the respective countries. The sellers and property developers assume the responsibility and will pay taxes on the transaction and comply with local laws. All transactions are secured and transparent on the digital ledger.
No, buyers can choose to pay however they would like, with portions for digital currency, cash or alternative financing options. Minimum deposits are required, as is standard for all real estate purchases. Options are also available for fractional ownership, to own NFT’s for a portion of investment of the properties. Please talk to one of our property managers for details on this option.
Our current available properties are in the world’s most high-demand destinations, welcoming millions of tourists every year.
  • Finns Lifestyle Village in Bali, Indonesia: An investment and lifestyle opportunity like no other Finn’s Lifestyle Village will encompass 206 upscale apartments, complemented by an exclusive community endowed with world-class wellness, fitness, sports, recreation and retail facilities.
  • Nebu Luxury Resort Residences, Na Jomtien-Bang Saray, Thailand: Your opportunity to own a part of a world-class resort, with 6 hotels and 950 rooms, master-planned 200m salt-water lagoon, 8 restaurants, and only 1.4 hours outside of Bangkok.


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