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With the Australian housing market at the strongest pace it’s been in nearly 40 years (Source: ABC News/ CoreLogic), property investors are eagerly vying to maximize their profits, and purchase properties with the highest rate of return, lowest risks, and fastest ease of entry.

We offer a wide selection of House & Land options, in high-growth areas across Queensland, which has become Australia’s hottest property market, thanks to record interstate migration over the last year.







House & Land packages offer incredible value for investors,
as they are able to:

  • Purchase property at FIXED PRICES, without the bidding wars and auctions
  • Realise immediate capital gains on the land prices in fast-growing, popular areas.
  • Provide a turn-key solution for a brand new, modern home that can quickly generate positive rental income

House & Land Partners

We partner with Australia’s best rated developers, providing the highest quality of modern design homes and professional service.

Benefits of Investing
In House & Land Packages

1. New developments are usually in high growth areas

During the planning of a new development, the property developers do extensive research for the local market for stability, growth and potential. Their experts often work closely with community planners to select their plots in well-located communities equipped with amenities or infrastructure, which can include hospitals, parks, schools, walking paths, recreation and child care options, as well as shopping centres. All of these can drive property prices and rental yield up, especially for owners and investors who buy into up-and-coming markets early.

2. Buyers save time and money on up-front costs on turn-key new builds.

House & Land packages are turn-key options that are fully operational for move-in after settlement, which can often be within six months of breaking ground. The pre-designed floor plans and standard inclusions help buyers to avoid surprises or additional inspections or maintenance. Also, the short time frame allows for investors to start earning rental yield immediately, with tenants enjoying a brand new home.

Additionally, when purchasing a brand new home means that you are only paying Stamp Duty on the sale of the land, not the house as it hasn’t been built yet. The Stamp Duty savings can often decrease sale costs by up to $15,000.

3. New homes require less maintenance and come with builder warranties.

House & land packages are ideal for those investors who want ease and peace of mind. Many investors don’t want to be hassled with multiple property inspections, the stress of repairs and renovations, and the ongoing effort for upkeep. Therefore, purchasing a brand new house can seem far more appealing than acquiring an older, existing property.

If something does go awry after settlement, such as fixtures or structure defects, in most cases the repairs are covered by the building warranty. This is not the case for established properties, where buyers are at risk to pay for unforeseen repairs.

4. Happy tenants lead to higher rental returns

It’s no secret that tenants love the allure of a brand new home, fitted with all the modern conveniences and amenities. Tenants that are comfortable and happy, and not living with repairs and maintenance of older properties will tend to stay longer in their rental. Meanwhile investors have fewer tenant complaints and vacancy periods. Additionally, newer properties are often in high demand, especially in up-and-coming regions and tend to rent for higher rates than older properties.

High Occupancy Rates x Higher Prices = Higher Rental Returns for Investors

5. New builds for investments often come with tax benefits.*

For new-build investment properties, tax deductions can be claimed for the depreciation of the assets, which can include the building constructions, as well as the interior fittings and furniture like floor coverings, curtains and blinds. These deductions are often more significant than those of established homes, depending on how old the property is.

Also, property investors can also claim deductions for the costs associated with acquiring or maintaining the property, such as interest on the loan, advertising for tenants, cleaning and repairs, landscaping or garden services, pest control, agent fees, insurance, and council rates.

*Please note that the information above is only for reference, and any advice on tax savings or deductions should be discussed with a qualified accountant or tax advisor. At APFG, we have a number of experts on our team, so please get in touch for more information.

Return On Investment (ROI) Calculation
(any currency)

Description1st Year ReturnTotal Return
Annual Capital Growth %NaNNaN
Yearly Rental Yield %NaNNaN
Personal Use Saving %NaNNaN
Total Yearly ROI %NaN %
Grand TotalNaNNaN
Total Asset ValueNaN
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