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At APFG, we are constantly working with our finance partners to offer the best investment strategies available in the Australian marketplace today.
Our latest investment product is designed to build wealth for investors through ultra-low blended rates, low deposits with no LMI, and cash-flow positive properties.
Talk to our team today to see if you qualify.


(3.25% FIXED / 4.8% VARIABLE)

*Conditions apply

We call it the ‘Retirement Accelerator’. This is an innovative shared equity product that allows you to purchase a property with a low-deposit and no LMI, low-financing rate, while retaining 100% ownership of a cash-flow positive investment property.

Please note that while we are not mortgage brokers or financial advisors, our partners for investment products are among the most reputable and certified financial advisors in the industry. We always encourage your to seek advice from qualified professionals before making investment decisions.


Ultra-Low Borrowing Rates

Blended rates at 3.25% fixed and 4.8% variable

Deposits available at 2.5% unconditional

Financing up to 97.5%, with no LMI.

Cash-flow positive property investments

This product is only available on selected APFG properties.


This is for anyone who is looking to build their wealth by purchasing a property with an ultra-low 2.5% deposit, and financing up to 97.5% of the purchase price, with no LMI. There are some qualifications depending on your superannuation and financial situation, so talk to our team to see if you qualify today.
By offering financing up to 97.5% of the purchase price of the property, our two financing partners are working together to provide ultra-low rates for our clients.
Fixed Rate Lender3.25% p.a. Fixed for 5 years17.5%
Variable Rate Lender4.8% Variable Rate80%
There are many ways that investors are saving money and accelerating their retirement with this product.
  • First, This product allows investors to have greater flexibility with their deposits, by allowing financing up to 97.5%, and savings on Lenders Mortgage Insurance.
  • Additionally, with financing rates of 3.25% fixed for 5 years, as well as low variable rates, means repayments are lower than the national average.
  • Third, you’ll be making money on the cash-flow positive properties offered through APFG. Our properties are in high-demand areas with strong rental markets.
This product is only available for purchasing selected properties within the APFG portfolio. Depending on your budget and investment goals, we can send you a list of properties to choose from. These properties are cash-flow positive, and some come with rental guarantees as well.
No, our team of licensed real estate agents and property investment specialists work tirelessly to find the best strategies and tailored products for growing wealth through property investment. Our partners include some of the most reputable and certified financial advisors in the field, and we always recommend that you seek advice from qualified professionals to review your financial situation before undertaking any major investment opportunity.


the best investment strategies available
the best investment strategies available

To be able to take advantage of this offer from the lender, there are a few requirements to tick off. You will need:

  • To use the funds for the purchase of a new property that has been approved for its use.

  • A credit score of 600 or above.

  • Personal cash to pay the 2.5% deposit plus stamp duty and legal fees. This can be in the form of a grant or a rebate or a gift, as long as it’s cash.

  • To meet with a lender-accredited financial planner to assess if the product is correct for your personal circumstances.

  • An investment made into the shared equity property trust. That investment can be cash or from your SMSF. The value of the investment depends upon the value of the property you are purchasing, but typically it's in the range of $130k to $170k. This can be from your SMSF. If you don’t have an SMSF the planner can set one up for you.


Talk to our team to see if you qualify for ultra-low owner-occupier rates
and to explore our range of investment property options.

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