ClickCeasePicking a Winner in Footscray: 25 year guaranteed rental returns with Liberty One



Savvy investors know a winning combo when they see it. An investment in a robust housing market that also has a 25-year rental return guarantee is a no-doubt, surefire champion. Liberty One, a beautiful new project opening next year in Footscray, is offering this unbeatable opportunity for investors and property buyers. 

“If you had invested in a property in 1996, imagine not having a single week or month of rent not paid for the last 25 years,” says Matt Sully, CEO of APFG. “Not only is Footscray coming up in the ranks for Melbourne property, where nearly 70% of the market is renters, but this guarantee also eliminates all risk.” 

Footscray’s booming, thriving rental market

Just 5km from Melbourne centre, Footscray is a fast-rising star of the city’s property scene. Despite the harsh year of lockdowns, Footscray property prices maintained a stable increase of 5.8% over the last year, but it is the future potential of the rental market that has piqued investor interest.

Footscray is a hub for culture, as well as a major health and education centre. It is the gateway between Melbourne’s CBD and the wider western suburbs, providing key access beyond the city limits to regional Victoria. 

Key Location Drivers for Footscray:


1. Demographics. Footscray is characterised by a young, fast-growing population that is expected to almost double in the next 10 years. As of 2019, 64% of the residents of Footscray were renting their homes.

“Compared to the rest of Melbourne, Footscray also has a higher percentage of those with bachelor degrees and or white-collared jobs,” says Matt Sully, CEO of APFG. “It’s a growing majority of well paid, educated avocado-toast eating tenants.”

2. Outstanding Value. While it’s just 5km from Melbourne’s CBD, Footscray has, so far, eluded the high $1million+ price tags found in most of the city and suburbs. Sully says, “Being so close to the city with bike paths and easy accessibility, it’s unheard of to find anything under $1million for a home,” Sully says. “But it’s possible in Footscray.” 


3. Priority Precinct to receive $31 Billion of Infrastructure. Footscray’s status as a key cultural, commercial, and educational hub has been recognised by the Victorian Government as Melbourne’s sixth Priority Precinct, a status that prioritises projects for infrastructure and accessibility into the city. With that, the city is granting a generous sum of $31 billion for a new Metro Rail and a West Gate Tunnel. Additionally, the new Footscray Hospital will open in 2025, with more than 500 beds, and add thousands of jobs for construction, planning, medical, and emergency staffing.

Liberty One is a Footscray investment opportunity not to be missed. 

Overlooking Flemington Racecourse, with unobstructed views to the North, lies the Liberty One by Bensons Property Group. Liberty One is an exclusive collection of 375 elegant inner-city apartments, with all the modern benefits and atmosphere of urban living. 

In a neighbourhood that’s perpetually buzzing with activity, Liberty One residents can rest and recharge on the private rooftop recreation area, which includes its own open-air yoga space, meditation zone and gymnasium.