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Why are we different?

Unlike general Real Estate Agents, our business is centered around selling and managing investment properties. Quantum Properties Services prides itself on being different from other property management companies in that we are the industry leaders in service, knowledge and performance.

Many property management companies make claims in terms of service and commitment but just as many fail to follow through and perform in accordance with their promises. If you value your property, you need the best management for it. When we make promises, we keep them - we will return your phone calls, we will respond effectively to requests, complaints and issues and we will keep your best interests in mind in everything we do.

Our Promise

We will have a positive and enthusiastic attitude about managing your property
We will care for your property as though it was our own
We will provide hassle free management
We will focus on maximising your return
We will carefully select the right tenant for your property
We will carry out regular rental reviews and increase the rent accordingly
We will keep you well informed at all times
We will keep you up to date on what is happening in the area
We will go the extra mile to make you happy
We will skilfully represent you


How do you choose a property manager? Property management has become a serious business and it is no longer as easy as selecting the real estate agency with the cheapest fees.

When selecting an agent to manage your investment you need to choose a company who knows the law and is confident in applying the law, someone who will pay attention to the finer details and continually strive to maximise the return on your investment. Education, ongoing training programs and seminars are also important for a property manager to keep abreast of changing legislation and market conditions.

Property management is no longer just collecting the rent; it is a comprehensive management service where you need a professionally trained property manager. Our property management team is experienced in all areas of property management and our ongoing training ensures that you are receiving the very BEST service available. We will care for your property as though it is our own.


We closely follow a Tenant Occupancy Checklist to ensure all the correct procedures are followed and nothing is overlooked. All prospective tenants must complete an Application for Tenancy form ready for our office to process - after viewing the inside of the property.

Nobody is approved until all relevant documents have been supplied to us and all references have been returned. It is company policy not to approve tenants that have been ‘black listed’ on the TICA database.

Once we process and application form, we will contact you directly with a brief overview of the candidates. Here we give you the option to approve or decline these candidates. If you are not comfortable with the choice we have made, we will continue our search on finding the best tenant for you. At the end of the day, it is up to you who you choose to rent your investment property.



Internet Listings we use 11 different sites (including
Rental Listing Sheet/Folder placed at our front reception and downloads available on our website
“To Let” signs which are an invaluable tool in securing tenants for a property
Advertising the property for rent on our website
Prospective tenant database

Our office will go that extra mile to find a tenant rather than wait for a tenant to find us.


What if… the tenants fall into arrears?

Every precaution is taken to minimise tenants falling behind in their rent by carrying out daily checks on all tenant payments to ensure rents are kept up to date. Our tenancy arrears are also minimised by our thorough tenant selection criteria.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to rental arrears and strict procedures in place, should a tenant fall behind in their rent. Our primary focus is to ensure that our office reduces any loss of income to the property owner. In accordance with the law, our office will also issue the appropriate notices

What if… We want to increase the rent?

As part of our service to our property investors we realise the importance of rental returns and we are constantly monitoring the current market rent on your behalf. A minimum of one rent review is carried out per year and one is automatically carried out when a tenant vacates or their tenancy agreement comes up for renewal. In addition to this service, we will also provide you with a Current Market Valuation following each review.

As experts in the industry, we acknowledge the importance of ensuring that your tenants remain on fixed term agreements as periodic tenancy decreases the security of your investment. We begin negotiation of tenancy renewals and increases at least 6 weeks prior to a tenancy expiring in order to minimise potential vacancy periods and to maximise your investment return. We feel that this particular time of a tenancy is vital and we put in a lot of time and effort and conduct research accordingly during this stage.

What if… We have maintenance concerns?

Maintenance matters are carried out in accordance with the property investor’s instructions. We only engage tradespeople who meet our office’s high standard. They must be licensed and they must have public liability insurance cover to protect you and your investment.

Due to the volume of work carried out for us, we are in a position to negotiate a fair market price. You will be advised of any repairs necessary. All maintenance work carried out on your property is of high standard. If at any time we are not satisfied with the quality of the workmanship we will instruct the tradesperson to rectify the problem immediately. The neglect of minor repairs will always lead to major (and more costly) repairs at a later date. At its worst, poor maintenance can cause a good tenant to leave. Our maintenance program will ensure that problems are rectified quickly at a fair market price.

We know that most tenants will not renew a tenancy agreement if requested maintenance is not carried out. We ensure that we act on maintenance requests promptly.

Having an ‘in-house’ maintenance program provides great economical benefit to you as an owner. A as any small maintenance issues can be taken care of at the time of the Health check and any others can be quoted on the spot saving on time and Quote fees some trades charge.

We will carry out quarterly routine inspections at your rental property to ensure the property is being looked after to a high standard.

Our property management team regularly inspects properties on behalf of the investor. During these inspections we will conduct a maintenance inspection as well as a general check of the internal and external condition. Should any major maintenance be required, you will be notified immediately.

We have a health check carried out by our handyman 2 out of the 4 quarterly inspections per year, we offer our owners the choice of having the handyman carry out any necessary repairs apparent at the time of inspection or at a later date.

Our office will issue you with a copy of the inspection report and a photo within 7days of the completion of a routine inspection. During each inspection we offer the tenants the opportunity to inform us of any issues they have in regard to the maintenance of the property. A feedback letter is also issued to the tenant advising them of any concerns relating to their upkeep of the property, ensuring that your property is being properly looked after.

If our office does advise that there is maintenance pending it is important that this is rectified immediately. A lack of maintenance on the property not only hinders capital growth of the investment, but also could lead to an injury claim. By law, a tenant has the right to arrange emergency repairs to the value of two weeks rent if the agent or owner has not acted within a reasonable time. Once again, the benefit of having our handyman conduct every second inspection proves beneficial in this situation as the need for emergency repairs is reduced.


Rent & Management Collection Fee Standard Residential Home
7.5 % plus GST

Monthly Bank, Postage & Stationery
$4.00 plus GST

Rent & Management Collection Fee Co Living Property
8.8 % plus GST

Monthly Bank, Postage & Stationery
$6.00 plus GST

Letting Fee
One weeks rent plus GST

Periodic Inspection Fee

Tribunal Appearance Costs
Cost plus GST

Routine Inspections

Insurance Claims

Advertising Costs
No Charge

Water Meter Reading

*Please contact our Property Management Department to discuss the fees in further detail as there are other fee structures available*




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