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Whatever your needs, we can help you find the loan that works for you.

At APFG we provide choices

Are you saving enough for your dreams & your future?

Sometimes a bit of guidance is all it takes, to show how you could be paying a mortgage rather than rent. We can help you close the gaps, to save and invest in what really matters.

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We work with many of the world’s most reputable and trusted names for banking, mortgage financing and lending.

We’ll do the ground work, finding a cheaper interest rate, consolidating, refinancing, or purchasing or building a new home.

Talk to us first, and we’ll bring a network of over 40 lenders to your doorstep.

At APFG we provide choices
At APFG we provide choices

How much could you save off your mortgage, 5 or 10 years from now?

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Banks provide a vital service to all Australians, and we agree that some do a great job, which is why many people find a bank and are very loyal to that one entity. But, when it comes to borrowing and lending, banks are often limited with their options while others try to push sign ups and marketing promotions.

The results can be costly.

At APFG, we have a personal, people-first approach. We are regular Australians too, with our own families, stories, loans and mortgages. We love what we do, and take great pride in finding solutions that save money, that cut through red tape, and that simplify life’s most stressful decisions.

We go beyond the banks and search high and low to find the possible deal, interest rate and lending options for your needs.

At APFG we provide choices

How can we help?

Buying a Home

Whether it’s your first home, a new home, or an investment property, financing is almost as important as finding the right house or property. How much you can afford to borrow sets the foundation for your purchasing power. We find you the right loans and lender, and we specialize in pre-approval so you are never wasting time looking at properties that won’t work for you.

Debt Reduction

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, seeing more money going out than coming in, you are not alone! We can help, to reduce expenses and simplify your payments. Debt reduction strategies require discipline and dedication, but the relief of getting out from under the weight of debt is worth it.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation combines your debts - often high interest credit cards - into a single loan with a fixed rate and term. This may be an option to help you get control and clarity on your spending habits and total debts. We can help you explore this option, if you are struggling to make payment. A consolidation or refinancing can save you money by reducing your interest rate, lowering your monthly payments, and making it easier to pay off your debt faster.

Interest Rates

With a network of over 40 lenders, including all the majors, we have access to some of the lowest rates on the market. Keep in mind, though, that simply having the lowest rate is only a part of the borrowing equation. Let’s work together - taking into account rates, terms and any additional or unnecessary fees - and build a loan and payment plan that works well for you.


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