ClickCeaseGPFG - Nebu Luxury Resort Residences


Our latest international project has us dreaming of white sandy beaches and spicy massaman curries, as we offer an extraordinary opportunity to own a part of a world-class hotel and resort complex in Thailand. 

Nebu Luxury Resort Residences will be a massive, lively community-style complex encompassing 950 rooms and residences, complemented by 8 restaurants, a 200m lagoon pool, water park, with world-class wellness, fitness, sports, recreation, and retail facilities. It will be located in Na Jomtien-Bang Saray, less than 90-minutes from Bangkok. 

Foreign investors will love the project's options for up to 8% guaranteed returns during the build phase, or 3-year 8% rental returns after opening. Further, there is a 7-year, 100% guaranteed buyback option as well. 

“Once again, we are thrilled to offer our clients a variety of cash-flow positive investment options, and demonstrate our diverse portfolio,” says Matt Sully, APFG CEO. “With the addition of Nebu, our clients have a risk-free investment option, thanks to the guaranteed buyback after 7 years.” 

Prices for 1BR residence within Nebu will start from the $28,495 for fractional ownership. Nebu is also among the first in the world, as a global real estate project to directly accept cryptocurrency as payment. 

Why is Thailand’s property market getting hotter? 

Thailand is setting the table for foreign property investors to feast on big returns. The country’s latest strategic efforts will usher in new investment, with experts predicting the market to normalise in 2023, a few years sooner than previously predicted. 

  • Last month the prime minister and his cabinet announced a new 10-year visa, which is in addition to the current Thailand Elite Programme, which encourages “affluent global citizens” to relocate. (Source: The Times, Where to Buy Property in Thailand) 

  • The country was among the first in Asia to reopen to tourists, and it welcomed more than 60,000 international visitors within the first 16 days of the borders opening. 

  • The government aims to attract 1 million property purchasers, the target group being long-term residents, wealthy pensioners, digital nomads and highly-skilled professionals. This effort is estimated to bring 1-trillion-baht contribution per year (~US $30.47 billion) , or 1 million baht per head (~US $30,470).

  • The central bank earlier said the easing of rules for foreign investment would help increase mortgages by 50 billion baht per year (approx. US $1.5 billion). 

“Thailand is one country that isn’t waiting around for the world to return back to normal,” says Sully. “They are making moves now, welcoming tourists back and inviting a flood of long-term residents and property investors, with major positive changes within the next year. For our clients who are asking, we’re excited to have a stake in the game with the tremendous Nebu Resort.”

Stay or Invest in Nebu Luxury Resort Residences, with a 7-year Risk-Free Buyback Guarantee